2. Update Your Profile

Once you have registered, simply visit Account --> Profile and add your photo, logo and bio. Then you're all done!

Of course, at any time feel free to email us at elitesupport@clearviewelite.com for assistance in getting set up. Or, if you're just really busy send us a note and we'll do it for you. 

3. Start Promoting!

You now have your own personal Timbers Kaua'i website.

Go to the Presentations page in your account and copy your personal URL. Then use it wherever you choose to get eyeballs. See Program FAQs below.  

Program FAQs

Q: What is the referral fee? 

A: 3% of the final sale price

Q: How do I know for sure I will be credited with any inquiries from my database?

A: Two ways: first, you are the only contact represented on your new Timbers Kaua'i website. Second, when one of your clients inquires, the smart form notifies both you and Timbers Kaua'i automatically and simultaneously. 

Q: How can I promote my Timbers Kaua'i website?

A: First, you can promote it in your own newsletters and emails, on your website, or on social media. Whereever you choose, it's your own personal website link! 

You can also use the Clearview Elite Referral Software to deliver it to the inboxes of your entire database with a beautiful pre-made email template. You'll know who's viewing the site, exactly when and how often. Now that you've registered you already have an account.

Q: Where are my referred leads tracked? 

A: In your Clearview Elite User Account you can view every lead who has ever inquired from your personal Timbers Kaua'i URL. Your leads are also displayed in the Timbers Kaua'i team's Clearview Elite User Account. 

Q: If I choose to upload my database to promote Timbers Kaua'i in the Clearview Elite system, do my clients remain private?

A: Definitely. Your personal database is never shared with anyone. Similar to most CRMs, your contacts are kept in your own private Clearview Elite account. Only those contacts that request information via the smart form in your personal Timbers Kaua'i URL will be shared with Timbers Kaua'i.

Q: What is the cost?  

A: Zero. You receive your own branded website for free and may use the Clearview Elite referral platform for free.

Q: Can I use this system to promote my own listings? 

A: Yes. For those truly special listings, a referral network can be the difference between years or months on the market. Follow the button below to inquire about a multi-branded property website for your own listing.